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Growing your Organization
through Inclusive Employment

Virtualahan shares your mission of doing good to the community and advancing the work in Diversity and Inclusion with the use of technology. One way of doing it is by equipping disadvantaged people with skills and mindset to become competitive employees. In the process, we help in building confidence in companies that will open doors to long-term and meaningful employment. We believe that we can be a force for positive change, capable of moving both our clients’ business and our social mission to create sustainable impact.

Virtualahan coaches and students having a jump shot in front of the City Hall of Davao.

Who is in our talent pool?

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Success stories from our Employment Partners


This has already been the second project l have worked on together with Virtualahan and it was again a very good experience: Trustworthy, reliable, and very good work results. Frequent communication and transparency are highly valued and practiced by Ryan and his team.




Charina's work at 'Make the Planet great again' is very professional, reliable and above all independent. She is an important member of our team and even though she is physically far away from us, she has sensitively recognized the spirit of our work.



Value Proposition

The talents that we produce using our Impact Formula are:


Loyal team members to grow with your company. People with Disabilities (PWDs) and other disadvantaged groups don’t have many options, so when they are hired, they just don’t do our best to keep their jobs, they actually excel in it. They are for a long-term and meaningful relationship with you.


They bring sunshine to your workplace. They’ve been through a lot in their lives, which enabled them to provide the best customer service because of their high empathy and emotional intelligence. They are mindful and minimize toxic culture.


They are resilient and optimistic who are ready to take on challenges with a go-getter attitude and always see the positive side of things. They know how to own their mistakes and be honest and transparent about it. They also know when they need help and will never hesitate to ask.


They use their income to pay for their therapies, medications, hospitalizations, and basic needs. Many of them, it’s their first to have their income and they invest it in their dreams.


They share the mission of improving the state of people who are socially excluded because of their conditions. They strive every day to give back and pay it forward to empower their friends and also achieve success.

Our Outsourcing Services Includes

We help businesses and institutions maximize their time and save on the cost by providing high-quality outsourcing services while providing meaningful employment to people who experience social exclusion in The Philippines.

Data Services Data Services
Customer Service Customer Service
Professional Services Professional Services
Admin Support Admin Support
Design Services Design Services

The latest Disability Inclusion Advantage Report reveals that companies that embrace best practices for employing and supporting more persons with disabilities in their workforce have outperformed their peers.

Inclusive Innovation

Persons with disabilities developed strengths in problem-solving skills, agility, persistence, forethought and a willingness to experiment as they have to be creative to adapt to the world around them. Having employees with disabilities across departments helps ensure that the products and services that go to market are truly inclusive. And making things more accessible for persons with disabilities can translate into products and services from which everyone benefits.

Virtualahan community members forming a circle talking about life

Improved Productivity

All workers benefit from a more diverse workplace. Studies show that working alongside employees with disabilities makes non-disabled individuals more aware of how to make the workplace more inclusive and better for everyone. Staff turnover is also lower—by up to 30 percent—when a well-run disability community outreach program is in place. Work environments that are more inclusive of persons with disabilities often see improved productivity levels.

Virtualahan community members

Positive Brand Image

Companies that truly embrace and support Persons with Disabilities and other disadvantaged groups experience brand enhancement and recruitment/retention of employers who want meaningful work.

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