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Who we're looking for

1. Commitment

Are you willing to invest in building your skills and personality and ready to put on the hard work? Our five-weeks intensive training is a full-time commitment with 4-8 hours of learning session per day.

2. Self Starter

Are you sufficiently motivated and go the extra mile to achieve your goals? We do not babysit you during the training. Our training is like sports, we are your coach and you are the player.

3. Communication Skills

Have you invested in developing your communication skills and English proficiency? The training is in English and you are required to speak English most of the time.

4. Tech-savvy

Do you know how to use Google to solve your problems? The training is not designed for beginners. You need to have at least intermediate digital literacy to complete the employment track.

5. Hardware Ready

Do you have your own functioning computer and a stable internet connection? The training is done online through our virtual classroom so you need to have your own hardware and work station to qualify for the training.

6. Pay it Forward Attitude

Is it natural for you to give back and help others? We are a social enterprise and we are looking for people who share our mission of creating a positive impact in our communities using technology.

Basic Requirements

  • Can commit to ten weeks of training and two months’ additional employment support
  • Currently unemployed or underemployed
  • A working computer preferably at least Intel i3 Processor with 8gb RAM minimum (ideally 16gb), Windows 10 and up for the Operating System
  • Stable internet connection preferably at least 10 Mbps
  • Quiet working station/home office
  • Knows how to do basic computer navigations
  • A government issued ID
  • A Letter of Intent explaining your situation
  • Formal Picture for your Student Profile
  • Good problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Good English comprehension
  • A passion for learning
  • A self-starter and independent
  • A positive attitude and willingness to give back to the community

Scholarship Requirements for Persons with Disability

  • Valid PWD ID and/or medical abstract signed by a licensed physician
  • Must pass all the basic requirements

Scholarship Requirements for Solo Parents

  • Solo Parent ID, Certificate of no Marriage (CENOMAR) or Annulment Papers
  • Must pass all the basic requirements

Scholarship Requirements for Out of School Youth

  • Certification from School’s Registrar stating that you dropped out of school and/or Barangay Certificate
  • Must pass all the basic requirements

Note: All documents should be uploaded in your application form along with your enrollment form.

Enrollment Process


  1. Direct referral from Virtualahan alumni
  2. Direct referral from partner organizations
  3. Direct referral from government partners
  4. Digital Marketing campaign via Facebook and Virtualahan’s website


  1. Enrollees to fill out the Virtualahan Enrollment Form.
  2. Enrollment Team to screen enrollees following the training eligibility requirements.
  3. Shortlisted enrollees to go through an online interview with the Enrollment Team.
  4. Enrollees to take the online exams and submit supplementary documents within an agreed timeframe.
  5. Final deliberation of interview results conducted by the Enrollment and Training Teams.
  6. For all interview passers, onboarding will commence.

Training Process

Onboarding Requirements

  1. Signing of Training Agreement, Data Privacy, and Media Consent Forms
  2. Email address set-up
  3. Access to the Virtualahan Portal and Virtual Classroom
  4. Tools installation

Training Process

Part 1- Five weeks of Intensive Digital Skills Training

Monday to Thursday for 6-8 hours a day, and Sunday Life-coaching for 2-3 hours

  1. Week 1 is focused on Tools and Automation
  2. Week 2 is focused on Business English and Customer Service
  3. Week 3-5 is focused on Digital Marketing and E-commerce

Part 2- Two weeks of internship

  1. A scholar will be matched with an internship partner
  2. Internship partner will host the intern for two weeks, agreements on working hours and compensation is conditional
  3. Scholar will submit an internship accomplishment report
  4. Internship partner will provide feedback

Part 3- Three weeks of Job Coaching

  1. A scholar will be matched with a job coach
  2. A job coach will provide 1-2 hours of job coaching every Mondays and Fridays or based on schedule agreed.
  3. A job coach will do an initial job interview at the start for baselining and final interview to assess progress.
  4. A job coach will create a job coaching plan tailored to the needs of the scholar with the help of Virtualahan’s Employment Support team.
  5. Unemployed scholars then proceed to two months of additional employment support.

Our Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available to:

  • Persons with Chronic, Genetic, Neuro-divergent, and Physical Disabilities
  • Indigenous People and Islamized IPs
  • Out of School Youth/Youth NEET
  • Single Mothers/Solo Parents
  • Former Sex Workers
  • Recovering Drug Addicts/Former Drug Dependents
  • Persons Deprived of Liberty/Former Prisoners
  • Prostituted Women, and Formerly Trafficked Individuals
  • Former Soldiers, Rebels, Combatant

For family members who have dependents who belong to the groups mentioned above, you can also avail of our Train Now, Pay Later Program to get a 50% scholarship. For our regular enrollees who need financial assistance, you can also avail our Train Now, Pay Later program on a case to case basis.

Application Details

  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Writing Your Application
  • Pay it Forward Scholarship
  • Supplemental Materials
  • Submission Policies
  • Frequently Asked Questions