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Virtualahan - GBG Stories Search 2017

In the heart of Virtualahan’s advocacy are real people’s stories and life experiences shared by those who were able to find a new purpose and meaning in their lives as persons living with disabilities. Get to know more about how Joelito and Charina discovered their greatness through Virtualahan.

Virtualahan at ANC Early Edition

Why do we need to build an inclusive culture in the workplace and how can marginalized groups including persons with disabilities (PWDs) give back to society? These are some of the hard and important questions that Virtualahan’s CEO and Founder, Ryan Gersava sheds light onto in this episode of ANC Early Edition.

Virtualahan| Bloomberg TV Philippines| Business Matters

Watch this in-depth interview with Virtualahan’s CEO and Founder Ryan Gersava and get to know the heart and thrust of this disruptive social enterprise that’s not only making waves in the Philippines but even in the international community in this episode of Bright Ideas as featured on Bloomberg TV.

Featured Articles

A picture of Virtualahan's Founder and CEO - Ryan Gersava.

Founder Spotlight: Ryan Gersava of Virtualahan

Ryan Gersava Founds Virtualahan, a social enterprise that maximizes employment opportunities for Filipinos through online jobs while helping NGOs save on cost.

Virtualahan Coaches and students raising their hands in front of the City Hall of Davao.

Ryan Gersava: Creating Opportunities that Make Dreams a ‘Virtual’ Reality

Ryan Gersava dreamt of becoming a doctor so he could help people in need of medical attention.

Virtualahan coaches and students having a jump shot in front of the City Hall of Davao.

Logging on for social enterprise

Ryan Gersava was part-way through his training when he was diagnosed with the disabling medical condition that has – at least for the moment.