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The Pursuit Of Success

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Published by: Eduardo Jalandoni

After the training, I did not stop learning. I continued the desire to really master a specific skill regardless of how hard it would be.

Everyone is in pursuit of something whether in life, in love or in career. Whatever it is, it is undeniable that the process isn’t easy, a concoction of happiness, sadness and strife. More so of the latter. But regardless its course, the fruit is sweet and worth every struggle. 

This is the story of my own pursuit. 

It was the 3rd of October 2011. I was confused, drunk and weak after a series of nights of celebrations that I had to be a part of. I was a head waiter in a catering service company and liquor celebrations weren’t new to us. 

The week was intense. I had a lot of engagements plus I attended a friend’s birthday and obviously had a regrettable intake of alcohol.

That night (Oct. 3), I went home in a motorcycle—drunk! I thought I could manage myself despite the blurry and distorted vision. Though I was still able to get in the subdivision but as I turned on the next corner, my brain blacked out and my motorcycle speeded to the cemented PLDT post. The right hemisphere of my brain was severely hit and affected the nerves of my left foot causing the 70% nerve paralysis.

I stayed in the hospital for months and submitted myself for physical rehab for another two months but went home eventually since we could not afford the expensive hospital costs. We tried hiring a Physical Therapist when we got home but only lasted for four months because, again, of financial reasons. My family and I decided to purchase Black box, an electronic device that awakens the nerves in my leg and gives temporary life to an almost lifeless state. But it was not enough to help me walk again. 

Confined in my wheelchair, I felt anxious of what tomorrow would bring. “How can I sustain my family?”  “How can we survive with my physical state?”

Because of these pressing problems, I became a slave to my anger and disappointments. Naging mainitin ulo ko. Naasar ako lagi at Naiinip ako. I didn’t know what to do. I prayed that the Lord would at least give me something to do to help me forget my problems. But He didn’t. He gave me so much more, though not immediately. 

He made me change myself before He opened opportunities years later.    

The whole year of 2012, our money was consumed. None was left because everything went to my medications and rehabilitations. And to think, my wife did not have a job and we have two growing daughters at that time of financial drought. 

My aunt, whose house we took care, gave us ten thousand pesos which we used to buy a peanut grinder so we could hopefully start a small peanut butter business. For a time, we were able to get through life.

Another friend gave another five thousand and we tried to stretch it the longer we could.

We survived through the generous donations from friends and relatives.

Years later (in 2017), still no job, I discovered Virtualahan online and became part of Team 13. I was new and didn’t know much about virtual jobs or even with basic internet tools. Compared to my classmates who had prior digital knowledge and experiences, I was the least and the most disadvantaged. That was why, no matter how silly my questions were I would ask them anyway. At times, my actions were misunderstood by some but my intention was just to really learn.  

The training I had with Virtualahan became a spark of light to let me study more about virtual work. After the training, I did not stop learning. I continued to really master a specific skill regardless how hard it would be. Mastering the least loved skill, SEO, was my goal. 

With sheer determination and sincere desire, I researched everyday and eventually mastered SEO and other related skills. I became confident with what I know and what I could do for my clients. 

Job opportunities flooded. Offers were given here and there to the point that I had to turn them down. Usually, I only accept two or three clients. 

Recently I have two clients from the US and Australia, and I have a generous pay. My income increased four and five times more from the previous jobs I had back when I was still able. 

Finally, we are more financially stable than ever. I am able to support my wife and my 15 year-old and 12-year-old daughters. I have reached the pursuit of financial and emotional success because of the jobs and the family support that I have. 

The Lord is good! He made sure that I won’t give up and lose hope in my circumstances. He gave me the fortitude to do the best with what I have. 

And now, inasmuch as I can, I am sharing to others the blessings I receive whether in money or in services. Giving back is something that I have learned in life. 

I want to boost the confidence of others that they can do things regardless the circumstances because everything is possible with God.

To the struggling virtual professionals and PWDs, be determined! Continue to learn. And once you are successful, make sure to share. The pursuit of success would only be complete if you have the heart to give. 

Team 13

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