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Dare To Live!

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Published by: Jnil Eronico

“The only impossible things are those we call impossible”.

I was 20 years old when I found out that I had hypertension. Yes, hypertension! I know it’s not usual for people as young as me to have such a condition. But life as we know it is full of good and bad surprises. 

The soonest I could, I sought for medical intervention and asked my doctor to prescribe hypertension medicines to normalize my blood pressure. And it did! 

All the while I thought that if I would take all my medications religiously, sooner or later I would be completely healed and I could stop taking my meds. But I was definitely wrong because that was only the start of my medical torments.

In 2015, everything came crushing down. It seemed like everything was taken from me! Apart from medical struggles, my emotions took hold of me because of a series of unfortunate events. 

My grandparents died, my girlfriend and I broke up, and I lost my job! I lost my job because I had no choice but to leave it. I had to deal with another medical condition. I have a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), mostly known as Kidney Failure. 

That was the most devastating year for me.

I was depressed. Who wouldn’t? I went through tragedy after tragedy and my newest condition is not something that could be taken lightly. 

With all my misfortunes, I questioned God! Why me? I’ve been a good person. I don’t drink, or smoke. I don’t have all those vices that could cause detriment to my health. But why?

In the following days, I came to my senses and asked my doctor whether we could do something to reverse my condition. I was given the most obvious and the only solution she could give— dialysis. 

I denied that option because I wanted to find out other ways to make me better. I’ve heard a lot of “not-so-good” things about dialysis. So I went to another doctor for a second opinion, but I was given the same answer. 

I frankly asked my doctor, “Doc, why do I still have to go through dialysis if I will still die?” Many people told me that people who go through dialysis still die. But my doctor was optimistic and assured me that medical technology has been improving and there are much higher rates of dialysis patients’ survival. 

But all my doctor’s assurances did not fully convince me. I was still hesitant so I did not submit to dialysis. I looked for other options and ended up trying herbal medicines. 

I took herbal medicines. Not long after (since I started taking herbal medicines), I was rushed to the hospital because I felt like dying. I vomited and kept going to the comfort room due to diarrhea. 

The doctors checked my creatinine and found out that it was high so they immediately put an Internal Jugular Catheter for emergency dialysis. After the surgery, the doctor explained that the toxins have built up in my body because my kidneys no longer function. 

This time, I have submitted to the dialysis. It was a difficult decision to make but because of my circumstance, I finally gave in. I was not in denial anymore and I have finally accepted the reality that dialysis will be part of my life. 

Heavy clouds started to lift when 2017 came. I was feeling much better than in 2015. I finally have a new job, an online job. I was accepted as a Product Data Analyst in Wayfair. 

I worked for them for 50 hours a week but the best thing about is the flexibility of work hours. 

I know this job is heaven-sent because aside from the flexible work hours (which is very necessary with my condition), I can also pay for the expenses needed for my medicines, monthly laboratory and expensive dialysis. 

More importantly, even with my condition and medical- financial needs, I could still provide for my family and help pay the bills at home. 

That same year, God sent my social and emotional support. I joined Dgroup or Discipleship Group in CCF Antipolo. They helped me pick up the pieces left of me and gave me more reasons to be grateful with life. They helped build my character and improve my spirituality. They are instrumental in the positivity that I see now. 

Aside from my Dgroup friends, it is also providential that I met another set of friends from a company that helped me improve my virtual skills. I joined Team 27 of Virtualahan. 

I did not only have new-found friends but I have also learned new skills like E-commerce, Word Press, Graphic Design (Canva), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Lead Generation. 

A few years ago, I thought my world has ended and all opportunities have shut on me because of my medical condition. But I was wrong. Things could turn out better a day after another. 

Even if we have disabilities, we can still do things if we will just set our minds, maintain our focus and never give up. 

Don’t let others to tell you what you can do or what you can’t. Let’s not limit ourselves because things seem overwhelming at our end. 

A wise man once said before “The only impossible things are those we call impossible”. Let’s not just exist, let’s dare to live! God makes everything possible in His time. 

Let’s just keep the faith.

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