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A medtech extracting blood from Lev's left arm.

Whatever It Takes

I was willing to do whatever it takes. All that was in my head was for my son’s treatments, nothing else mattered. I am one of the blessed women who got to wed the love of my life and create a wonderful

Peter John dela Cruz standing with a slingbag

The Strand of Hope

People got scared of them even their own family members because there were not enough scientific and medical explanations about the condition yet. I am a father, and an ordinary man.

Maria Angela Sabanal sitting on a wheelchair

A Beautiful Disaster (Part 2)

In all my personal disasters they were there. They never abandoned me, they are my heroes The familial disaster I shared in the first part of my story was just one of many others.

Maria Angela Sabanal sitting on a wheelchair

A Beautiful Disaster (Part 1)

If I would summarize my childhood in a word, I would say it was a “disaster”! I had seen so much pain and experienced too many tragedies before I became a teenager.

A family picture of Beverlyn Alantejo

A Box of Chocolates

Sometimes you’d get the sweetest piece or the bitterest of them all. You may never know what life has to offer. Some things happen as planned, in most cases, they come in surprises.

A picture ofa river and a beautiful hill on the left side.

Memento Mori

What is your story? The one you never told to anyone before. The story of your laughs and miseries. The story of you holding on… To someone Or something Not worthy of holding onto.

Aaron Paul Concepcion with his parents father on the left and his mother on the right

Embracing my New Normal

I was born at around 8 in the morning on the 30th of June, during the Year of the Tiger, 1986. I am the third out of the four children in the family. I have an older brother, an older sister, and a younger

Paula de Pedro standing in the midst of a flower farm

Too Fragile

Many PWDs, if not all, have been subjects of discrimination and pity. It’s not new if we get discriminated or pitied by people close to us and by those who barely even know us.

A father holdin his children on both hands facing the rising sun

Virtualahan’s Fathers’ Month Special

We honor all fathers and everyone who has been paternal figures in our society. Their presence, most of all their love, has greatly affected and changed many lives

A picture of Jorim Pagaran with his 3 other persons sitting on a bench with a dog in front of them.

Ignored the Signs

I rubbed my eyes hoping to find relief to what I thought were just a few dried tears that would eventually be washed away with my eyes’ mists. Hi! I’m Jorim from Quezon City.

A picture of a lake with a beautiful reflection of a mountain in it.

Borrowed Life

“Ate, she was living a borrowed life.” A day after Christmas, I scanned through Facebook and saw Virtualahan’s post. I was in denial. So I called Coach Rose to confirm the news.

Coach Ronniel sitting and wearing a mask with a background of corona virus images

Breakdown on Lockdown

What if I’d contract the virus? What if my parents get it? It would definitely mean death for me. When I first heard the news, I was anxious. Negative thoughts started to form in my head.

Jerico Canlas standing beside a standee of President Duterte

In Pursuit of “a Normal” Life

“With my given condition, who would hire me anyway?” At first look, I am normally mistaken to be a typical city boy in perfect health. People don’t see the rigors of life in my face or feel the roughness of hard

Eduardo Jalandoni sitting infron of his computer with 3 monitors

The Pursuit of Success

After the training, I did not stop learning. I continued the desire to really master a specific skill regardless of how hard it would be. Everyone is in pursuit of something whether in life,

Jnil Eronico with his friends

Dare to Live!

“The only impossible things are those we call impossible”. I was 20 years old when I found out that I had hypertension. Yes, hypertension! I know it’s not usual for people as young as me to have

Lorena Tanggol at the peak of Mt. Pulag


…had I known then what I know now, I would have been really proud to shout out loud… NBSB- No Boyfriend Since Birth. This is how most of my friends would describe me. It was quite an embarrassment

Bryan Barraca poses with a lady in a beautiful ocean view

Back on Track

As a husband and a father, being sick is a heavy burden not to them but to me. I consider myself to be a young man since I am still in my mid-30s. I was born and raised in a simple, yet,

Eliza Lorica carrying a baby

Light Beyond Darkness

I may not have seen what light looks like but my God is my lamp. He guides me in every step I take. I’ve never seen how beautiful the world is. I’ve never seen the faces of the people who are dear to me.

Nova Mae Llanos under a cherry blosson tree

The Story I Have Lived

Instead of blaming my condition, I make it as my driving tool to motivate me more… “Disability is not a hindrance to success,” a quote I’ve always seen on top of our classroom board. My name is Nova Mae

Billicent Macuse pose for a picture in front of a big picture of a burger

There Are Always New Beginnings

I already lost count on how many times the companies where I applied on, rejected me…. In my most honest opinion, I can’t even barely remember

Joan Canporedondo sitting on a wheelchair

Hiding in My Cave

“Running away from the pain and reality was more important to me.” What is the meaning of life? I’m certain that many, like me, ask this question. For some, they already know the answer while the

Mary Grace Tacderas pulling her stroller bag

Not a Fairy Tale Life

“True life may not be like fairytales, but we could always strive to find the happiness in our ever afters.” Every young lady dreams of having a wonderful family and a happy life. We all have that image

Alexis Casayuran sitting on a wheelchair

Changed Vision

When one has a family, the father is the Captain of the ship. He steers the ships’ wheel and were to set sail. He is also the priest, provider, and protector. But what if the ship sank like the Titanic?

Darius Manzanero with his family

What Matters

What matters most is that I am breathing, I am hoping and I keep on fighting. I am Darius and I am one of the recent graduates of virtual skills training at Virtualahan.

A man facing the sunrise beside his tent

Dreams Built in the Ocean

My dream of being a seafarer is drifted in the ocean but it doesn’t mean I can’t dream another dream. The ocean has always been my favorite view. It gives me the peace, serenity and simplicity I have

A woman standing in front of a river

What Could Go Wrong?

“…anything could happen to anyone at the least expected time, place and circumstance.” I have to be honest. I am not that comfortable telling my life story. This is why I chose to hide my identity.

Yvonny Baron sitting on a swing

Breaking the Rhythm

Looking back, all these were just a blurry dream, something that I could only hope for. Human life has its rhythms. There are ups and downs, an indicator that we are indeed living beings.

Reymart Magno sitting to pose for a picture

She Changed Me

If there’s one choice that I would never regret having, that would be having my daughter. She came at the least expected time. She was unplanned and unintended, a product of naive and unwise choices.

A person sitting by the window

10 Years of Battle

A story of love, life and rejections of an HIV victim I asked the Lord to give me a chance not for myself but for the people that I love. Not everybody has the privilege of having the love and support of the people

Allan Antang with his wife and daughter

Second Chances

I sulked in the sadness of the changes of my life, things are not the same. Everything came fast and easy for me. I started working at a young age and eventually went up the ladder of my career

Michelle Fernandez sitting on a wheelchair

Carried in His Arms

“…there were even times that my father had to carry me on his shoulders just so I could attend school.” I’m Michelle from Cainta, Rizal. Before I joined Virtualahan, I was already a graphic artist

Monique Fojias sitting with her parents on a couch

Two Battles in One Lifetime (part 2)

Rather than a victim, I see myself as a survivor. On My Feet From 16 to 19 years old. These were important years of my recovery. By this time, I could no longer

Monique Fojias sitting occupying one of the two chairs

Two Battles in One Lifetime (part 1)

Rather than a victim, I see myself as a survivor. I just turned 47. But thirty-two years ago, my family and I never expected I would reach this age. We all thought I would not survive my first condition.