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For Better Or For Worse…
In Sickness And In Health Part 2

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Published by: Abegail

Merian carrying baby Lev

Not long after I finished my college degree, I met my loving husband and started my promising career.  Everything was going well. In fact, I had an opportunity to work in different industries for over 15 years. I enjoyed my work but the situation became inconvenient at my end as time passed.  Travelling from home to work became a challenge for me especially that I am a commuter in a traffic-jammed location. It would take up 2 hours to reach my workplace in the morning and another 2 hours to travel home. I am always dead tired when I’d reach home. With much courage, I decided to resign last February 2020 but of course with the certainty that I would find another work opportunity because of my experience. Then, the pandemic came into the picture. The crucial lockdowns took place and I couldn’t go to companies to apply. I was stuck at home.

With the unexpected situation, I decided to work through an online platform but with limited to no experience, I went through a difficult time. My income was unstable. As the bread-winner in the family, I had to find ways because I had to take care of my senior citizen father who is a tricycle driver, my brother who’s a construction worker and my 16-year-old nephew who is living with us. Both my father and brother could not work because of the restrictions brought by the pandemic.

I’ve encountered countless rejections during my pursuit of having a stable online job. There were days that I needed to send resumes to 20-30 different employers, clients, and companies online hoping that I would get a call for an interview. I took my time to learn different platforms and attended free webinars as the lockdowns were implemented. I was tired and sad but not hopeless. I placed my faith in God. I know He delivers!

In the middle of all the chaos, I chose not to give up because I know that the One up there is still sovereign; He is still in control. He was there when we were at our worst— when my mother died. I know He would get us through the worst situations. All I had to do is trust Him even more. I have plans for myself but He has greater plans for me and my family. Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

Everyday, I would make sure that I start my mornings talking to Him. I would ask for His guidance that I take the right directions for my career along with my passion. It came from an inner desire and longing to follow Him and serve His purpose in my life. I never thought that following His direction would lead me to this wonderful community in Virtualahan.  My journey with them was both challenging yet fulfilling. I’ve encountered rejections after rejections before I got to meet this superb family. All the rejections I experienced were worth it when I found them. “You would never grasp the value of all those declines until you find ‘that’ something greater the Lord has in store for you.”

Virtualahan allowed me to see and recognize that there’s more to life than just making a living. It is important to help someone live, too. The spirit of compassion, sympathy, and goodwill is very evident from the founders down to the coaches, tech team, training team, and among the trainees. In Virtualahan, we are not just building a career but relationship, trust and care. I never felt the spirit of competition among individuals because support plays an important role in the community and among the team admitting that “we can’t do it alone and will never achieve anything on our own”. We need God and each other to grow together!

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