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Virtualahan Empowers

Virtualahan employs an award-winning impact formula that empowers Persons with Disabilities, solo parents, and other communities to be employment ready. Through its digital skills training program, employment support, and well-being sessions, talents are equipped to be competitive online professionals and entrepreneurs.

1242 Graduates

*67% Employment Rate

264% Increase in Income of Graduates

98% of Graduates Have Increased Self-Confidence

Virtualahan is Inclusive and Diverse

Virtualahan accommodates talents from all backgrounds regardless of condition, gender, religion, culture, and educational attainment. We are helping in building a society where no one is left behind.

Virtualahan is Globally Recognized

  • Virtualahan's Founder is the first Filipino to win the World Summit Awards (WSA) in 2020
  • Winner of Google Business Groups Stories 2018
  • Ten Outstanding Youth Organization (TAYO) 2017
  • National and International Media Features

Virtualahan is Accessible

Virtualahan strives in making the organizational culture and technologies accessible to all. We can help your company to be inclusive and accessible through trainings, audits, and workshops.

    Our Impact Formula for your Holistic Success

    Our Masterclass Courses

    We also offer Masterclass Courses taught by our industry expert coaches for more advanced learners in a more specialized field.

    Social Media Marketing Masterclass Social Media Marketing
    Customer Service Masterclass Customer Service
    Accounting & Bookeeper Masterclass Accounting and Bookkeeping
    Entrepreneurship Masterclass Entrepreneurship
    Digital Arts Masterclass Digital Arts
    Project Management Masterclass Project Management
    Emotional Intellegence Masterclass Emotional Intelligence
    Leadership Masterclass Leadership

    Success Stories of our Graduates

    Success stories from our Employment Partners

    Our Partners and Clients

    We work with multinational corporations, government agencies, local government units, SMEs, family foundations and nonprofit organizations to achieve maximum impact.

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    How can you get more involved?

    For Employers

    Employ Our Graduates

    Get access to our portfolio of talents for your outsourcing needs. If you’re not yet confident about employing Persons with Disabilities, we are here to get you there. Learn more about our Outsourcing and HR Support Services.

    For Sponsors

    Provide Scholarhips Grants

    80% of our students cannot afford the training contribution. It cost USD500/scholar from training to employment. We have the capacity, but we have limited resources. Be one of our Scholarship Sponsors for your tax-deductible donations.

    For Organization

    Become our Community Partner

    Join our growing community of partners if you manage a community with more than 50 members who can benefit from our program. Our study shows that graduates referred by our community partners are more successful with a higher rate of giving back to their organizations.

    For Industry Expert

    Be one of Our Coaches

    We need more experienced coaches to help us with our training, psychologist/life-coaches/counselors for our well-being sessions, and volunteer coaches for our job coaching. Join our leagues of coaches and start shaping lives!